As children of Abba Father, JEHOVAH GOD ALMIGHTY, awaiting our glorious wedding feast day, we are those who have learned to greet Abba Father as soon as He awakens us with, "Thank You Father!"   For His glory, He has given us another day.  Not only in, but for all things, as it is written, we have learned to give Him thanks, and in the name of our sweet, wonderful, glorious Saviour, Christ JESUS of Nazareth, we look to Him, and we pray.  We also remember to pray for all others,  especially those who are our sisters and our brothers.

We remember as we arise to go our way that Abba Father, alone, already sees and already knows every single thing that we will encounter along the way, how we will react, and what we will say.   Being mindful to be watchful and to  be prayerful as we go about doing what we pray we are called by Abba Father to do, we have learned to be ever mindful of every single soul that we might encounter as we go about doing what we do.   In remembering that our sweet, wonderful, Saviour, Christ JESUS,  has been given ALL power in Heaven and in Earth, we have learned to be so very mindful to pray for how and what we should say,  to always retain and act and react with the mind of Christ JESUS, because  some of those we meet along the way are seen by some, and treated by some,  as a castaway.   In all situations, we remember  that all souls are  Abba Father's creation too.
We are mindful to  consider self in the light of The Light  as we go about doing all that we believe Abba Father has called, and leads us to do.  Remembering this, we refuse to have the audacity to turn our nose up at anyone, or to speak evil of a single soul that we might see.  As we go, we are especially mindful of this in light of the fact that, but for Abba Father's grace and mercy,  at any time and in any situation,  it could be you, it could be me!   

We remember that time and chance happens to all,  as it is written, and it is a most sad thing to become so haughty and lifted up in self that we can no longer see that we might be living out a life that might end in a great fall.  Going throughout the day,  we remember who we are and whose we are, and it keeps us in that place of, "What would Christ JESUS say," "What would Christ JESUS do," if He were to encounter any situation  that we might encounter too.

We go throughout the day with Abba Father's Word written upon the table of our heart, especially in light of prophecy, as never before in our lifetime, beginning to fulfill.   We go about the day delighting to always be found walking, talking, living, and having our being in His perfect will.  Knowing that only He knows the day and the hour when He shall issue the command to our Bridegroom, sweet, Saviour, Christ JESUS, to come and take us to Him in paradise, we pray to walk, all that we know how, as the wise.     We go about always desiring to be found in His love, serving and worshiping Him in spirit and in truth, so that at that trumpet sound, we will be among those ready, and not left behind -- caught by surprise!